Smoke Detector
There are two types of fires we must respond to: hot flaming fires and slow smoldering fires. Therefore your first line of defense in your home fire is a smoke detector. Over 90% of American homes have smoke detectors, yet the fire fatalities in America remain one of the highest in the world, per capita. If the only answer was a smoke detector, the epidemic would be solved. The type of smoke detector and the proper maintenance of the detector is paramount to life and safety. Families protected by Triad Safety Systems products realize the importance of maintenance and service. Our professional staff of fire safety advisors are trained in the proper location of smoke detectors. The Responsive alarms operate on the photoelectric light scatter principle.
  • Extended warranty
  • LED light source (estimated 40 year life)
  • 1.8% smoke density to activate
  • Utilizes solid-state components
  • Samples the air every 4-5 seconds
  • First sight of smoke, sample rate increases 8x normal rate
  • Dual Test switch - Test #1, Tests the battery enunciator and the unit's ability to detect smoke. Test #2, Checks for sensitivity drift
  • Low-battery indicator sounds when battery replacement is necessary
  • Will not alarm to gases or to aerosols
  • Will not false alarm to high air flows
  • Fast response to a slow smoldering fire
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • The only smoke detector that can be totally submerged in water for cleaning purposes

1) U. L. Listed - Remember U. L. only lists products they do approve.

2) Handmade in America - All Responsive products are assembled in Michigan and a good portion of the manufacturing process involves hands on assembly for quality control.

3) High quality plastics designed to withstand elevated temperatures. The plastics that are used to manufacture the TR-001 Smoke Detectors can withstand temperatures that exceed 250˚F.

4) True Testing of the Chamber - On Test One of the TR-001 Smoke Detector the device performs a more accurate or true test of the chamber.

5) Ability to Test Sensitivity - On Test Two you are checking for high sensitivity. If the alarm sounds in Test Two the detector is too sensitive. It could be dirty which requires cleaning or it could require service.

6) Visual Notification of Battery Removal - The TR-001 Smoke Detector includes a red battery removal flag. This is one of the few smoke detectors to our knowledge that displays a visually noticeable warning that the battery has been removed.

7) All Soldered Connections - This is an important feature. Many smoke detectors on the market today use a manufacturing method where they crimp the wires connecting the power source to the horn. These crimped wires are pressed against the horn contacts. The wire contacts between power source and horn in the TR-001 Smoke Detector are soldered to prevent corrosion. Over time corrosion can form between the crimped wires and the horn contacts that creates somewhat of a seal. If this takes place the detector could activate but the horn may not sound.

8) More Effective Cleaning Process - The TR-001 Smoke Detectors are one of the only detectors on the market that can be submerged in water and cleaned with soap. Common sense dictates that this is a more thorough cleaning process than a vacuum cleaner or other methods.

9) Optional Thermal Unit - The TR-001 Series Smoke Detectors includes the TR-001T. The TR-001T is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector that contains a thermostatic unit designed to sense increases in air temperature. The thermal rating is 135˚F. Once the heat rises above 135˚F the detector will activate. The TR-001 Owner's Manual displays a temperature operating range between 40˚F-100˚F. If the air temperature rises above 100˚F it does not mean that the smoke detector will not function, it simply becomes more sensitive. So, at 135˚F the thermal unit will activate.

10) Optional Strobe Unit for Hearing Impaired. The TR-001S Series Smoke Detector w/ Strobe Light.

11) Positive Lock Mounting Bracket - The TR-001 Smoke Detectors will lock into place when installing them on their brackets. Many smoke detectors do not have this feature.

12) Shrink-Wrapped Protective Cover - This protects the smoke detector from any pre-contamination.

13) Portable - Since the TR-001 Smoke Detectors are single-station battery operated units, they are easy to install or remove. If a consumer moves they have the opportunity to move their investment in quality fire detection with them.

14) Longer Lasting - If maintained properly with working batteries the TR-001 Smoke Detector should last longer than most less expensive smoke detectors.

15) Detects All Types of Fires - Will detect both flaming and smoldering fires.

16) Most Effective for Slow Smoldering Fires - The TR-001 Smoke Detector is the most reliable detector of slow smoldering fires.

17) Fewer Nuisance Alarms - Since photoelectric smoke detectors respond to larger particles of combustion, they generally will not go off from cooking vapors, dust, steam or other normal occurrences that from time to time will activate an ionization type of smoke detector.

18) Operates in a Still Air Environment - The photoelectric will generally respond to smoldering fires that are in a calm air space. Ionization smoke detectors are slow to respond or may not respond until air movement is introduced.

19) Enhanced Reliability - Because of the quality workmanship, plastics and photoelectric design the TR-001 Series Smoke Detector is one of the most reliable detectors on the market for many fires, as long as it is maintained and has a power source.

20) Quality Control Testing After Assembly - The manufacturing process includes the testing of a wide range of detectors before distribution. This ensures that your customers are receiving quality fire detection for their homes. There is quite a bit that goes into the workmanship of the TR-001 Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors. This is why it is an important integral part of a complete fire detection package.


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